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  • 19 publications addressed this question 1-19
  • Four different study populations had multiple publications recording different features as follows:
    • Goldstein 2011 & Wekerle 2009 2,17
    • James 2009, Traube 2012 & Tyler 2008 4,13,14
    • McGee 1995, McGee 1997 & McGee 2001 6,7,8
    • McMillen 2005 & Vaughn 2007 9,15
  • These 19 articles all met our inclusion criteria and all of the included studies were ranked A1 for confirmation of neglect / emotional maltreatment
  • Only six studies included normal controls 1,3,12,16,17,19


  • Study designs: 
    • 1 case-control 19
    • 2 case-series 16,18
    • 4 prospective cohort / longitudinal 3,12-14
    • 12 cross-sectional 1,2,4-11,15,17


  • Age: This review included children aged 11-20 but the majority of studies addressed children with a mean age between 14.5 and 16.9 years



Influence of ethnicity and socio-economic group

All six comparative studies matched or controlled for ethnicity 1,3,12,16,17,19, and five out of the six matched or controlled for socio-economic status 1,3,12,17,19


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