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Other useful references

The following is a summary of the systematic review findings up to the date of our most recent literature search. If you have a specific clinical case, we strongly recommend you read all of the relevant references as cited and look for additional material published outside our search dates.


  • Retinal haemorrhages have been described in adults in association with extreme hypoxia 1,2
  • Retinal haemorrhages have been described in children with profound anaemia 3
  • A fatal case of a child aged almost two years with a subarachnoid haemorrhage secondary to verterbral artery dissection and co-existent retinal haemorrhages is described. The mechanism was attributed to a fall, witnessed by the father 4
  • There is now updated UK national guidance relating to the ophthalmological examination and assessment of children with suspected physical abuse, including a standardised examination pro forma based on our validated reporting tool 5,6
  • A further study exploring the relationship between CPR and retinal haemorrhages unfortunately could not be included as pre-CPR examinations were not conducted in the majority, and there was no mention of exclusion of AHT in the case with retinal haemorrhage 7

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