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Flame burns

The following is a summary of the systematic review findings up to the date of our most recent literature search. If you have a specific clinical case, we strongly recommend you read all of the relevant references as cited and look for additional material published outside our search dates.


Intentional flame burns

  • House fires were excluded from this review which encompass the majority of flame burns

Cases of intentional flame burns included: 1-3,5,6,8


  • Two attempted incinerations
  • One cigarette thrown in baby’s incubator
  • Two fire burns
  • Flame burns, no details provided

Location of intentional flame burn / incineration: 1-3,5,6


  • Extensive over the body
  • Characteristics – all fatal extensive burns, consistent with history
  • One study described a burning match held to the face or thigh of the child (ten cases) 7

Age range: 0 – 10 years


Unintentional flame burns

One case 7.75 year old with mental retardation had its nappy set alight unintentionally by a sibling 4

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