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The systematic review findings in these articles are only accurate up to the date of their publication. If you have a specific clinical case, we strongly recommend you read all of the relevant references as cited and look for additional material released since our publications.


Publications arising from bruising review


1. Maguire S, Mann MK, Sibert J, Kemp A. Can you age bruises accurately in children? Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2005;90(2):187-189 [Pubmed]

–  Added to DARE Database: The Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) is a collection of quality assessed systematic reviews of health care research identified in the biomedical literature from 1994 onwards. For those reviews which meet the CRD quality criteria, structured abstracts are written summarising the content and methods used to conduct the review and offering a commentary on the rigour with which the review was conducted.


2. Maguire S, Mann MK, Sibert J, Kemp A. Are there patterns of bruising in childhood which are diagnostic or suggestive of abuse? Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2005;90(2):182-186 [Pubmed]


3. Maguire S. Bruising as an indicator of child abuse: when should I be concerned? Paediatrics and Child Health. 2008;18(12):545-549 [Abstract from Science Direct]


4. Maguire S, Mann M. Systematic reviews of bruising in relation to child abuse—what have we learnt: an overview of review updates. Evidence Based Child Health: A Cochrane Review Journal. 2013;8:255–263. [Abstract from Wiley Online Library]


Primary studies arising from bruising review:


  1. Maguire S, Ellaway B, Bowyer VL, Graham EAM, Rutty GN. Retrieval of DNA from the faces of children aged 0-5 years: a technical note. Journal of Forensic Nursing. 2008;4(1):40-44. [Pubmed]

  2. Lawson Z, Nuttall D, Young S, Evans S, Maguire S, Dunstan F, Kemp AM. Which is the preferred image modality for paediatricians when assessing photographs of bruises in children? International Journal of Legal Medicine. 2011;125(6):825-830. [Pubmed]

  3. Lawson Z, Dunstan F, Nuttall D, Maguire S, Kemp A, Young S, Barker M, David L. How consistently do we measure bruises? A comparison of manual and electronic methods. Child Abuse Review. 2013. [Early View - Abstract available from Wiley online library]

  4. Graham EAM, Watkins WJ, Dunstan F, Maguire S, Nuttall D, Swinfield CE, Rutty GN, Kemp AM. Defining background DNA levels found on the skin of children aged 0-5 years. International Journal of Legal Medicine. 2014;128(2):251-258 [Pubmed]

  5. Kemp AM, Maguire SA, Nuttall D, Collins P, Dunstan F. Bruising in children who are assessed for suspected physical abuse. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2014;99(2):108-113 [Pubmed]



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