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Search strategy

Medline search strategy used for the teenage neglect search:


exp Adolescent/

exp Minors/

exp Young Adult/

(young adult* or young person or adolescen* or teen*or youth* or minor* or juvenile).tw.

(middle school or junior high school or high school or secondary school).tw.

(high school or school leaver* or drop out or child*).tw.

(maltreat* adj neglect*).tw.


(abus* adj neglect*).tw.

(neglect* adj2 behavior).mp.

((psychologic* or emotion*) adj3 (maltreat* or mistreat* or deprive* or ignor*)).mp.

((social* or emotional* or psychosocial* or contact or psychological*) adj3 (deprived or deprivation)).tw.

((psychologic* or emotion*) adj (neglect* or harm or abuse or trauma or depriv*)).tw.

((neglect* or ignore or deprive*) adj1 (psychologic* or emotion*)).tw. (neglect* adj3 (adoles* or teen*)).tw.

(self adj (report* or concept or perception or perceive or perceived or rate or rating)).tw.

Self Concept/

(self adj3 (surveys or questionnaire*)).tw.

exp Questionnaires/

exp Self Report/

exp Self Disclosure/



self administer*.mp.

Search Limits

(Algeria$ or Egypt$ or Liby$ or Morocc$ or Tunisia$ or Western Sahara$ or Angola$ or Benin or Botswana$ or Burkina Faso or Burundi or Cameroon or Cape Verde or Central African Republic or Chad or Comoros or Congo or Djibouti or Eritrea or Ethiopia$ or Gabon or Gambia$ or Ghana or Guinea or Keny$ or Lesotho or Liberia or Madagasca$ or Malawi or Mali or Mauritania or Mauritius or Mayotte or Mozambiq$ or Namibia$ or Niger or Nigeria$ or Reunion or Rwand$ or Saint Helena or Senegal or Seychelles or Sierra Leone or Somalia or South Africa$ or Sudan or Swaziland or Tanzania or Togo or Ugand$ or Zambia$ or Zimbabw$ or China or Chinese or Hong Kong or Macao or Mongolia$ or Taiwan$ or Belarus or Moldov$ or Russia$ or Ukraine or Afghanistan or Armenia$ or Azerbaijan or Bahrain or Cyprus or Cypriot or Georgia$ or Iran$ or Iraq$ or Israel$ or Jordan$ or Kazakhstan or Kuwait or Kyrgyzstan or Leban$ or Oman or Pakistan$ or Palestin$ or Qatar or Saudi Arabia or Syria$ or Tajikistan or Turkmenistan or United Arab Emirates or Uzbekistan or Yemen or Bangladesh$ or Bhutan or British Indian Ocean Territory or Brunei Darussalam or Cambodia$ or India$ or Indonesia$ or Lao or People’s Democratic Republic or Malaysia$ or Maldives or Myanmar or Nepal or Philippin$ or Singapore or Sri Lanka or Thai$ or Timor Leste or Vietnam or Albania$ or Andorra or Bosnia$ or Herzegovina$ or Bulgaria$ or Croatia$ or Estonia or Faroe Islands or Greenland or Liechtenstein or Lithuani$ or Macedonia or Malta or maltese or Romania or Serbia$ or Montenegro or Slovenia or Svalbard or Argentina$ or Belize or Bolivia$ or Brazil$ or chile or Chilean or Colombia$ or Costa Rica$ or Cuba or Ecuador or El Salvador or French Guiana or Guatemala$ or Guyana or Haiti or Honduras or Jamaica$ or Nicaragua$ or Panama or Paraguay or Peru or Puerto Rico or Suriname or Uruguay or Venezuela or developing countr$ or south America$).ti,sh.

limit to (english language and humans and yr=”1990 – 2014″)


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