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Search strategy

Medline search strategy used for the 2014 early years neglect search:


1. exp Child/

2. exp Child Preschool/

3. exp Infant, Newborn/

4. exp Infant/

5. infancy.ti,ab.

6. child*.ti,ab.

7. infant*.ti,ab.

8. (baby or babies).ti,ab.

9. toddler*.ti,ab.

10. neonat*.ti,ab.

11. (pediatric* or paediatric*).ti,ab.

12. or/1-11

13. limit 12 to (“all infant (birth to 23 months)” or “newborn infant (birth to 1 month)” or “infant (1 to 23 months)” or “preschool child (2 to 5 years)”)

14. (pre-school* or preschool* or preschool-age Child*).ti,ab.

15. 13 or 14

16. (abus* adj neglect*).ti,ab.

17. (maltreat* or mistreat* or deprive* or ignor*).mp.

18. neglected.ti,ab.

19. neglectful.ti,ab.

20. psychological neglect.ti,ab.

21. ((lack* or absen* or fail*) adj3 (care* or childcare)).ti,ab.

22. ((social* or emotional* or psychosocial* or contact or psychological*) adj3 (deprived or deprivation)).ti,ab.

23. overlook*.ti,ab.

24. neglect* psychological*.ti,ab.

25. emotion* neglect*.ti,ab.

26. emotion* abus*.ti,ab.

27. emotion* harm*.ti,ab.

28. child neglect.ti,ab.

29. neglect* child*.ti,ab.

30. emotion* depriv*.ti,ab.

31. emotional trauma.ti,ab.

32. ((neglect* or ignore or deprive*) adj1 (psychologic* or emotion*)).ti,ab.

33. or/16-32

34. Failure to Thrive/

35. (failure to thrive adj5 (emotion* or nonorganic or non-organic)).ti,ab.

36. (failure to thrive adj5 (abus* or neglect* or maltreat* or mistreat* or depriv* or psych)).ti,ab.

37. ((fail* or inadequa*) adj2 emotional support).ti,ab.

38. (unkempt or ungroomed).ti,ab.

39. Psychosocial Deprivation/

40. unhealthy appearance?.ti,ab.

41. exp Internal-External Control/

42. (internal* adj3 extem*).ti,ab.

43. (anxiety or anxious* or anguish*).ti,ab.

44. (withdrawn or apath*).ti,ab.

45. (indifferen* or disinterest*).ti,ab.

46. ((lack* or low or flat*) adj3 (affect or emotion*)).ti,ab.

47. (clingy or clinginess).ti,ab.

48. ((attention or affection* or love) adj3 (inappropriate* or improper* or unsuitabl*)).ti,ab.

49. ((mental or psychological* or emotional*) adj3 (stress* or distress*)).ti,ab.

50. internali?ation.ti,ab.

51. Irritable Mood/

52. ((emotion* or affect*) adj3 (labil* or regulat*)).ti,ab.

53. (aloof or avoid*).ti,ab.

54. Shyness/

55. ((avoid* or withdraw*) adj3 (contact or touch* or physical*)).ti,ab.

56. ((avoid* or withdraw*) adj3 social*).ti,ab.

57. unsociable.ti,ab.

58. ((lack or poor* or avoid*) adj3 communicat*).ti,ab.

59. (watchful or wary or vigilan*).ti,ab.

60. (unhappiness or unhappy).ti,ab.

61. (overly responsible or perfectionis*).ti,ab.


63. Conduct Disorder/

64. Aggression/

65. ((aggression or aggressive*) adj3 (behavio* or escalat*)).ti,ab.

66. acting out.ti,ab.

67. out of control.ti,ab.

68. ((chaotic* or challenging) adj3 behavio*).ti,ab.

69. (bully* or bullie?).ti,ab.

70. Anger/

71. ((destructive* or disruptive*) adj3 behav*).ti,ab.

72. Impulsive Behavior/

73. impulse control.ti,ab.

74. (impulsive* or impulsivity or impulse control).ti,ab.

75. Developmental Disabilities/

76. Child Development/

77. Child Behavior/

78. Infant Behavior/

79. Personality Development/

80. ((chang* or alter* or deviat* or transition?) adj3 personality).ti,ab.

81. Helplessness, Learned/

82. sad.ti,ab.

83. Social Behavior/

84. Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity/

85. avoidant attention.ti,ab.

86. (normative adj3 avoidance).ti,ab.

87. (abandoned or abandonment?).ti,ab.

88. psychological neglect.ti,ab.

89. ((lack* or absen* or fail*) adj3 (care* or childcare)).ti,ab.

90. ((social* or emotional* or psychosocial* or contact or psychological*) adj3 (deprived or deprivation)).ti,ab.

91. “lack of supervison”.ti,ab.

92. unsupervised.ti,ab.

93. (temper or hostil* pr hypervigilan*).ti,ab.

94. Child Behavior Disorders/

95. (rage of raging or rageful).ti,ab.

96. attun*.ti,ab.

97. Nonverbal Communication/

98. Sensory

99. Dissociat*.ti,ab.

100. *”Dissociative Disorders”/


102. Affect

103. *”Facial Expression”/


105. Object Attachment/

106. attachment.ti,ab.

107. persecut*.ti,ab.

108. Speech

109. Language

110. Language Disorders/

111. Perspective


113. Poor concentration.ti,ab.

114. listless*.mp.


116. *”Social Isolation”/


118. Reactive Attachment Disorder/


120. Social

121. Emotional

122. False positive

123. touch

124. Apparent

125. Language comprehension

126. Grasp of

127. Immatur*.ti,ab.

128. impatien*.ti,ab.

129. Socialization/

130. cognitive

131. cognitive* stimulat*.ti,ab.

132. attachment

133. eye contact.ti,ab.

134. *Stress, Psychological/

135. stunting of

136. stunt*

137. Hospitalism.ti,ab.

138. environmental retardation.ti,ab.

139. affect deprivation.ti,ab.

140. emotional* depriv*.ti,ab.

141. or/34-140

142. 15 and 33 and 141

143. Family/

144. Mother-Child Relations/

145. Maternal Behavior/

146. Parent-Child Relations/

147. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 (depression or depressed or depressive or dysthymi? or dysphori?)).ti,ab.

148. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 mood disorder*).ti,ab.

149. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 negative mood).ti,ab.

150. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 partner violence).ti,ab.

151. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 (anger or angry or angst or rage)).ti,ab.

152. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 depress*).ti,ab.

153. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 emotion*).ti,ab.

154. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 substance abuse).ti,ab.

155. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 domestic violence).ti,ab.

156. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 punitive).ti,ab.

157. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 unavailab*).ti,ab.

158. ((parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal or carer*) adj3 (instab* or unstab*)).ti,ab.

159. Learning disability/ or Learning

160. (spouse or partner).mp.

161. (Interpersonal violence or IPV).mp.

162. Psychologica* unavailab*.mp.

163. Emotion* inatten*.mp.

164. Emotion* unattach*.mp.



167. Emotion* unavailab*.mp.

168. ((Parent* or mother or father or maternal or paternal) adj1 anger).ti,ab.

169. Rough handl*.mp.

170. Unresponsiv*.mp.

171. Non-physical

172. “Family Relations”/

173. Interpersonal Relations/

174. (child* adj3 (mock* or taunt* or denigrat* or threat* or hostil*)).mp.

175. Inappropriate expectation*.mp.

176. inappropriate

177. (over-protective or over protective*).ti,ab.

178. *”Parenting”/

179. (dysfunctional family or family dysfunction).ti,ab.

180. “Rejection (Psychology)”/

181. Negative attribution*.mp.

182. High

183. parent* unresponsiv*.mp.

184. Child Rearing/

185. family interact*.ti,ab.

186. home environment*.ti,ab.

187. Neglect* mother*.ti,ab.

188. over* critical.ti,ab.

189. (families or family or dyad).ti,ab.

190. or/143-189

191. 15 and 33 and 190


193. Diagnosis/

194. diagnostic

195. assessment or “Severity of Illness Index”/

196. Needs Assessment/

197. graded care

198. (identification or identify).ti,ab.

199. Pattern Recognition, Visual/

200. detect*.ti,ab.

201. Classification/

202. Decision Making/

203. Early Diagnosis/

204. or Mass Screening/

205. “Risk Factors”/

206. HOME

207. Risk Assessment/

208. Risk/

209. or/192-208

210. 15 and 33 and 209

211. Environment/

212. Hostile

213. Environment Design/

214. depriv*.ti,ab.

215. chao*.ti,ab.

216. “Play and Playthings”/

217. Absence of

218. Absence of

219. Absence of

220. home.ti,ab.


222. “Walkers”/

223. Infant Equipment/

224. (pram or pushchair).mp.


226. ((view* or watch*) adj3 television).ti,ab.

227. Social Environment/

228. or/211-227

229. 15 and 33 and 228

230. 142 or 191 or 210 or 229

231. Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic/

232. sexual or Sex Offenses/

233. “Child Abuse, Sexual”/

234. (Algeria$ or Egypt$ or Liby$ or Morocc$ or Tunisia$ or Western Sahara$ or Angola$ or Benin or Botswana$ or Burkina Faso or Burundi or Cameroon or Cape Verde or Central African Republic or Chad or Comoros or Congo or Djibouti or Eritrea or Ethiopia$ or Gabon or Gambia$ or Ghana or Guinea or Keny$ or Lesotho or Liberia or Madagasca$ or Malawi or Mali or Mauritania or Mauritius or Mayotte or Mozambiq$ or Namibia$ or Niger or Nigeria$ or Reunion or Rwand$ or Saint Helena or Senegal or Seychelles or Sierra Leone or Somalia or South Africa$ or Sudan or Swaziland or Tanzania or Togo or Ugand$ or Zambia$ or Zimbabw$ or China or Chinese or Hong Kong or Macao or Mongolia$ or Taiwan$ or Belarus or Moldov$ or Russia$ or Ukraine or Afghanistan or Armenia$ or Azerbaijan or Bahrain or Cyprus or Cypriot or Georgia$ or Iran$ or Iraq$ or Israel$ or Jordan$ or Kazakhstan or Kuwait or Kyrgyzstan or Leban$ or Oman or Pakistan$ or Palestin$ or Qatar or Saudi Arabia or Syria$ or Tajikistan or Turkmenistan or United Arab Emirates or Uzbekistan or Yemen or Bangladesh$ or Bhutan or British Indian Ocean Territory or Brunei Darussalam or Cambodia$ or India$ or Indonesia$ or Lao or People’s Democratic Republic or Malaysia$ or Maldives or Myanmar or Nepal or Philippin$ or Singapore or Sri Lanka or Thai$ or Timor Leste or Vietnam or Albania$ or Andorra or Bosnia$ or Herzegovina$ or Bulgaria$ or Croatia$ or Estonia or Faroe Islands or Greenland or Liechtenstein or Lithuani$ or Macedonia or Malta or maltese or Romania or Serbia$ or Montenegro or Slovenia or Svalbard or Argentina$ or Belize or Bolivia$ or Brazil$ or chile or Chilean or Colombia$ or Costa Rica$ or Cuba or Ecuador or El Salvador or French Guiana or Guatemala$ or Guyana or Haiti or Honduras or Jamaica$ or Nicaragua$ or Panama or Paraguay or Peru or Puerto Rico or Suriname or Uruguay or Venezuela or developing countr$ or south America$).ti,sh.

235. “Africa South of the Sahara”/

236. or/231-235

237. 230 not 236

238. limit 237 to yr=”2013 – 2014″ 



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